Multiple Fixed Bands Directional and Omni Jammer With Pan And Tilt


Directional and Omni Jamming with Pan and tilt
Can operate standalone or co-mounted with camera 10 fixed bands selectable individually or all together

  • Able to adjust to cover 360° all round and 90° elevation using Pan and Tilt
  • Able to disrupt drones at > 3-5 km
  • Covers the following 10 bands:
    • 433MHz
    • 868MHz
    • 915MHz
    • 2.4GHz
    • 5.1GHz
    • 5.8GHz
    • GPS All
    • GLONASS All
    • GALILEO All
    • BEIDOU All
  • Transmitting power for each band 40-50 Watts, total transmitting power > 350 Watts
  • Band selection can be pre-programable or in real-time;
    Activation can be manual or auto
  • Jammer software can operate as standalone or integrated with C2
  • Certified safe for human to operate
  • IP55
  • Able to work in temperatures from – 15 to +55°C or better
  • Option to include all round omni-directional jamming